Research Studies

Curus Medical believes that an integral part of medical cannabis treatment is empowering patients with access to education, professional knowledge and experienced partners to ensure the right treatment is customized for each patient.

The road to legalisation of medicinal cannabis in Australia has been an arduous and frustrating one relative to many countries where patients are benefiting from supervised medicinal cannabis treatments for conditions that have not responded to conventional medications.

To this end, Curus Medical will look to provide a workable research model with its partners adapted from overseas markets as well as incorporating local experience that will showcase best practice in: cultivation, processing, supply, optimal strains and delivery modes as well as assistance for doctors as well as other stakeholders.

Curus is teaming with a local Australian institution and with one of the most highly regarded research teams to undertake novel research Pilot Studies in Australia using highly advanced strains of Medical Grade Cannabis with our overseas licensed partner to arrive at MGC treatments for Approved Medical conditions.