Curus Medical – A Medical Grade Cannabis Company

With its partner, Curus Medical is one of few companies in Australia with direct experience in therapeutic cannabis research into medicinal grade strains of cannabis and with its partners growing case studies on potential preparations for different medical usage, supply and different delivery systems.

Through a major partnership with an overseas licensed medical cannabis company, Curus Medical has the depth of experience to provide high quality cannabis products with compassion, professionalism and integrity, working with stakeholders to bring relief to those in need by controlled research, supply and distribution.

Derived from Cure Us, Curus Medical makes investments in Medical Grade Cannabis research companies and aims to educate and de-stigmatize the negative perceptions and substandard business practices currently applying in (medical) cannabis.

Curus Medical believes that Medical Grade Cannabis has a crucial role to play where conventional treatments have failed for those in dire need.

Curus Medical Vision

We intend to facilitate a system of effective, safe cannabis derived therapeutics to help those with debilitating medical conditions in Australia that do not respond to conventional treatments. In addition, to undertake ground breaking research studies with our partners to provide a pathway to commercialisation that will ensure more Australians gain access to advanced Medical Grade Cannabis strains for approved medical conditions.


We aim to educate as well as work toward a legalised system and provide hope and relief to patients from use of Medical Grade Cannabis.

Therapeutic Cannabis Research

can-medCurus Medical has access to Medical Grade Cannabis for research purposes; the Company is committed to working with our overseas partner and the best local researchers, to provide a system of safe, effective cannabis derived medicines in Australia.

Research studies have demonstrated there are cannabis products which can be administered in a range of safe and effective ways, providing a growing body of evidence on the medicinal uses of most cannabis products. The Company is building on these exciting results.

Compassion for suffering patients

cancerCurus Medical is compassionate to the suffering of palliative care patients who seek relief from symptoms such as pain, nausea and vomiting induced by cancer treatments.

We are open to providing and bringing about relief to those in need in Australia as well as other countries and to participate in a robust and equitable medical cannabis system for stakeholders.

Leaders in Cannabis Research & Studies

The results of using medical cannabis in the research studies, for various conditions and symptoms, have been startling in some cases and produced significant improvement in many other patients with various conditions and symptoms.

For example, research patients with epilepsy have been afforded relief as well as peace of mind.

The Company is elevating consciousness of regulators, politicians, as well as other key stakeholders as the benefits of therapeutic cannabis and is at the forefront of education, research and studies in cannabis; leading the way in working with governments, regulators and stakeholders in the regulated supply to patients.

Curus Medical is undertaking independent research studies into a range of medical conditions where therapeutic cannabis has the potential to change lives and provide relief to patients. The company is committed to the importance of professional transparency and open collaboration.

The company’s vision continues to strive to provide potential patients with treatment alternatives through industry-leading professional standards for research into supply of consistently high grade strains of Medical Grade Cannabis as well as optimal delivery methods to those patients with conditions and illnesses that respond to cannabinoid medicine.

Quality and Excellence in Production

We are committed to working with key stakeholders to bring about a Medical Grade Cannabis model and result for patients who are not responding to conventional medical treatments for severe illnesses and medical conditions.

Research into Delivery Systems

medical cannabis research

With its partners, Curus Medical is undertaking research into optimal delivery systems to patients for different types of illnesses and conditions.

The Company has found there are routes of administration with rapid onset, which enables patients more easily to titrate their dose. These new modes of delivery are more palatable to patients and ensure a faster, more targeted result is achieved for the patient.

The active components of cannabis can also be infused into edible oils which could be a useful option for use in children.

Currently developed pharmaceutical preparations have a slower onset; Curus Medical is advanced in its research into more effective delivery to patients. Its research patients indicate its delivery systems are more rapid, with corresponding increases in patient satisfaction.

Supply of Medical Grade Cannabis

Although medicinal cannabis is legally available in a number of countries, this is not the current situation in Australia, forcing the very sick and needy to avail themselves of other supply routes, causing severe stress and illness and suffering where this should not be the case.

Patients currently using medical cannabis in key overseas markets and in research studies provide compelling reasons to continue with further clinical testing. This provides safety and efficacy of forms of medical cannabis and a pathway to work with stakeholders for the Australian market.


Curus Medical is looking to build upon its knowledge base as well as spreading awareness about the benefits of medical cannabis treatment to doctors, patients, and the general public.

The company wants to reach every patient that could benefit from medical cannabis as a real alternative to conventional medical treatment.

Australians voting affirmatively

In the most recent National Drug Strategy Household Survey, 69 per cent of respondents supported legislative change to permit the medicinal use of cannabis, and 74 per cent supported clinical trials to investigate the medicinal uses of cannabis.

Palliative Care

Therapeutic cannabis can provide a much safer and more tolerable alternative to the existing pain relief options and their debilitating side effects which are often seen in palliative care.

Considerable effort has gone into developing strains of cannabis that are carefully tailored for medical use, to reduce the unwanted side effects and boost the more desirable ingredients.